• Hours
  • Monday: 11AM - 12PM
  • Tuesday: 11AM - 12PM
  • Wensday: 11AM - 12PM
  • Thursday: 11AM - 12PM
  • Friday: 11AM - 1AM
  • Saturday: 11AM - 1AM
  • Sunday: 12AM - 9PM
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Bar & Grill

We have a plentiful of options here at Hi-Top Bowl. From our 100% beef hamburgers, to our freshly made to order pizzas. We also have a extensive drink menu from your beers, wine, and mixed drinks. We take pride in the quality of our food and drinks here at Hi-Top.



Tuesday and Wednesday are Adult Men's League, Thursday afternoon, thursday night are women's League. Every other saturday night a fun filled Church League. Saturday morning, youth league.

Monday Night Master's

To qualify for the Masters League a individual must submit to be drafted by the Masters League. Bowlers will range in bowling average from 200 to a amazing 245 average. Monday night master's league is held once a month at 6:50pm until about 10:30pm and they use all 16 lanes.

Tuesday Night League

Men’s League USBC Sanctioned. Tuesday night league, is held every tuesday night at 6:50pm until about 10:00pm and they use only 7 lanes.

Wensday Night Men's League

Men’s Leauge USBC Sanctioned. Wensday night men's league, is held every wensday at 6:50pm until about 10:30pm and they utilize all 16 lanes.

Thursday Night Woman's League

Womens league, USBC Sanctioned. Woman's League, is held every thursday night at 6:50pm until about 10:30pm and use only 8 lanes.

Saturday Night Church League

Fun filled non sanctioned Church league. Church League, is held every other saturday night at 6:30pm until about 10:00pm and use only 12 lanes.

Saturday Morning Kid's League

Youth league, USBC Sanctioned. Kid's League, is held every saturday morning at 9:30am until about about 11:00am

Pro Shop

Lane Zero Pro Shop By Chris Marshall, professional pro shop services, including ball drilling, Bowling Shoes, apparel all types of bowling accessories

Christopher Marshall, is our ball master. Runs his own pro shop here at Hi-Top Bowl called lane zero.

Call him at, (1-618-406-7013)

Parties and Open Bowling

Hi-Top offers anything from birthday parties to baby showers to even business meeting. We have a backroom that can ... people, you can rent out this for..., or you can resesrve a few lanes for a birthday party. Reserving lanes does not cost anything up front, but we do have a few packages you can choose from. All you have to do is set up a resavation is to call us at 618-654-6283.

$5 Package

Mainly used for youth birthday parties, 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental included

$8 Package

Mainly used for youth birthday parties, 2 hours of bowling, shoe rental, pizza and soda based on number of kids

Open Bowling

You get to bowl as many games as you want, only costing you $2.50 a game and $1.50 for shoes.